Domain Registration

What is a Domain?

Domain Registration Prices
Domain Type Registration Cost Annual Renewal Fee R 114.00 R 114.00
.com R 399.00 R 399.00

Think of a Domain as a digital address. (For example "".) It is essential for websites, but can also be used by businesses to create unique and professional email addresses. (For example:

What does it cost?

Domain registration (registering your 'digital address', for example: ) costs R114.00 as a once off fee. It is important to note that there is also an annual renewal fee of R114.00 thereafter. This is a set fee.

If you would like to register a Dot.Com address (for example ) would cost R399.00, and the annual renewal fees thereafter will most likely be the same price (R399.00), depending on the rand dollar exchange rate at the time.

Non-Profit Organisations may register Domains free of charge.


To check if the domain is available
.com, .uk, etc


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