Fixed (static) IP : All-in-1


About Fixed IP ADSL

Fixed IP ADSL Package
Line Speed IP Addresses Monthly Cost  
Up to 2 Mb - 1IP 1
R 499.00
Up to 4 Mb - 1IP 1
R 749.00
Up to 10 Mb - 1IP 1
R 1500.00

Fixed IP ADSL access service will provide you with always available flat-rated internet access with a fixed IP address.


What does the ADSL service consist of?

The Fixed IP ADSL access service consists of the following features:

  • Up to 10240Kb download speeds
  • Static IP address (1 or 5 depending on option)
  • 1 Mailbox
  • For 5 IP Addresses there is an extra charge of R250.00 p/m
  • First 15GB's are free thereafter R29.00 per GB
  • Terms & conditions apply


N.B There are no contention ratios on the 2048K and 4096K packages, the 10240K package has a contention ratio of 10:1.


This offer is subject to the signing of a 24 month contract. A set-up fee of R1500.00 is applicable and the preconfigured router is on loan for the duration of the use of service.